A fully integrated state of the art wellness center has been developed to house an array of wellness and differential holistic and non-intrusive cosmetic practises.

We have made it a focal point to provide a solution to everyday needs where residents from Sheikh Zayed city and neighbouring vicinities may find a practical and efficient 'one stop' solution to their health and wellbeing needs, by housing major wellness guru's of Cairo under one roof that offer highly sought after treatments and professional care which differs from the usual medical and surgical practises that we see today, thus adding a much needed added value to the Medical market place.

Realising a market need to offer such alternative we at Capital Business Park have taken the extra measure to ensure our residents and neighbouring communities have full access to the latest wellness practises, alternative medicines and non intrusive cosmetic methods offered in Egypt.

35, 000 sqm

of prime location

business environment

for the medical industry

state of the art

wellness center